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Childcare Volunteering Program

In this program you will be placed at the CEN orphanage where currently 7 children are accommodated. The children are cared for around the clock by one local caregiver. Your tasks include the following:

  • Assist with breakfast and getting the children off to school in the morning;
  • Help with organising and cleaning the house;
  • Assist the children with their home work after school;
  • Play with the children: either educational or just entertaining games;
  • Read with the children;
  • Assist with dinner and getting the children to bed;

In general, we would like you to spend much time with the children and to really engage with them. Your role is that of an older brother or sister. The children are not demanding - they will love everything you undertake with them. All you need is a flexible attitude, an open mind and a genuine interest in the children´s wellbeing and development. The kindness of the children will make it easy for you to become part of the CEN family.

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