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CEN's History

Child Environment Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2002. CEN is a legal entity registered in the District Administration Office in Kathmandu under the Organization Administration Act of 1977 (CDO registration #190 - 2002/03). CEN is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (affiliation #14131).

Inspired by a tragic newspaper article about political violence in the rural village of Jogimara, the founders of CEN wanted to help the desperate people of the village, especially the orphaned children. As an immediate reaction, CEN was established and an orphanage for the village children was set up, to provide in their immediate need for food and shelter.

Violent incidents and internal conflicts are terrorizing already marginalized communities in Nepal's western region, often leaving children from poverty-stricken families orphaned and homeless. Unless these children are educated and cared for, the vicious cycle of poverty is likely to continue at extreme levels. CEN's orphanage is a solid foundation for a break-up of this cycle. It is well known, however, that 'band aid' emergency relief is not sufficient. That's why CEN has formulated both short-term and long-term objectives.

CEN is committed to the support of ongoing education, nutrition and health care, that will make a real difference towards a promising future for these children. Healthy children, not burdened by poverty at home, have a better focus for learning and can make the most of their opportunities. Education teaches children to play an active role in shaping their own lives, to contribute to their communities and to promote changes that benefit the country.

As a recently founded organisation, CEN is currently relying mainly on donations from committee members and generous individual donors and on contributions from Himalayan Glacier Trekking (HGT) in Thamel, Kathmandu. This is not a sustainable construction, however, since most children concerned are still very young. We aim to support all children until they have reached adulthood and are therefore looking for short-term and long-term proposals which can help funding CEN's activities.

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