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Child Environment Nepal

Child Environment Nepal (CEN) is established to improve the welfare of children and their communities in rural Nepal. CEN strongly believes in empowering communities by providing them the means to improve themselves. We encourage development through the use of local resources and knowledge, leading to financial independence and self-sustainability.

CEN is operating a children's home in Kathmandu, which currently houses seven children who have lost parents or come from otherwise disadvantuous families. CEN provides these children with housing, education and health care, allowing them to survive, grow up and build brighter futures, not only for them, but for their families and rural communities as well.

We have also planned a number of future activities to pursue CEN's objectives. More information can be found here.

WHY would you help us?

CEN cannot achieve its objectives without your continuous support!

  • Contribute to a better future for Nepalese children and their families;
  • Support improved education and health care benefiting a number of rural villages;
  • Strengthen local communities by providing them the means to help themselves;
  • Have rewarding experiences by volunteering with us;
  • Donate an amount of money. Even a small amount means a lot to us in Nepal.

  • You can make a real difference!